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What is Urodynamics?

Urodynamics is the investigation of the function of the lower urinary tract – the bladder and urethra – using physical measurements such as bladder pressure and flow rate as well as clinical assessment.

Urodynamic studies provide extremely valuable diagnostic data for any of the following bladder dysfunctions: Urge Incontinence, Stress Incontinence, Urinary Retention, Urinary Frequency, Nocturia, Hesitancy and all other storage and micturition issues.

Typical urodynamic testing consists of uroflowmetry, filling cystometry, pressure-flow study, urethral pressure profiles (UPP), valsalva leak point pressure (VLPP), and electromyography (EMG).

Laborie offers the complete solution for urodynamic testing. Our diagnostic equipment can be found in hospitals, private clinics, universities and research centers. We work with leading clinician-researchers and local universities to incorporate the most recent advancements and technical knowledge into our products while reflecting practical realities of the typical pelvic floor clinic.

Laborie is passionate about bringing freedom and dignity to patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders through innovation in diagnostic and treatment options.

Experts about Urodynamics

Learn the personal perspective from experts in the field about the role, benefits and optimal usage of urodynamics.

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Procedure Type: Urodynamics Studies

Length: 50 cm (19.7 in)

Shaft Size: 7 Fr

Single-Use / Disposable


Featuring Intelligent Cath-ID System

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